Spirit of Birkenhead Institute

Pupils' and Staff Memories of Birkenhead Institute Grammar School


Many pupils will remember Nancy Price, the former B.I. Art Teacher, who taught Art in the late 1940s, prior to Dave Jones taking over the position. She took over from Hetty Rosenbloom, who left the B.I. in 1946.

Nancy was a very talented artist, and painted a marvellous picture of Wilfred Owen, which hangs in Birkenhead Central Library. A picture of Nancy is shown below, taken from a late 1950s school photograph. I understand that Nancy is now in a Nursing Home, and I would like to send her, on behalf of the B.I. pupils and staff, my very best wishes. I am sure that everyone who remembers her from their days at the B.I. will know how talented a teacher Nancy was.

Here are some memories of Nancy from former pupil Colin S. Stewart:-

"Art was another strength.  Nancy Price enjoyed the respect and admiration of her pupils, and she developed my interest in Art.  Chris Lee, (Former B.I. pupil), and myself studied A level Art under Dave Jones' supervision, Nancy having moved on by then, to a girl's school in Liverpool, I think.  Dave too had a natural authority and his own stuff was just brilliant."

Memories from former pupil Richard Hill:

"Thanks for writing. What I remember most about Nancy is how she could share her enthusiasm. I once handed in my homework, a drawing of my rugby boots, mumbling something about it being more fun drawing Dan Dare or spaceships. She said was that:  'learning to draw things made us look closely at what was around us, often for the first time, and that art was as much about seeing as reproducing'. Iíve remembered with gratitude what she said all my life."  (Richard Hill)



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